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Old Time Swine

Photos courtesy of Brown Boar Farm “Mmmm. I haven’t had pork like this since I was a little girl,” my mother-in-law sighed as we finished dinner. The chops, perfectly marbled with a deep, rich color, were a far cry from the dry, tasteless pork that Americans have grown accustomed to over the past few decades. […]

The Story Of Simpson Spring

Ten years ago, eating local seemed like, if you will excuse the pun, a foreign concept. But, as the benefits of locally sourced foods have become more widely known, many South Shore residents have embraced eating locally. We might also consider drinking locally . . . In America, bottled water and soda are ubiquitous, but […]

A Perfect Pairing Bloomy Rind

At Bloomy Rind, every cheese has a story. Like many SouthShoreresidents, Mary (Sullivan) Gonsalves was raised in a family strongly rooted in Irish culture and traditions. She was the eldest of the six Sullivan children and their Dorchesterhome was a frequent gathering place for family and friends. Mary’s parents welcomed everyone to the big farmhouse […]

A Legacy of Good Taste

To Dine For “. . .the menu at To Dine For is filled with our recipes from home. They are from our aunts, uncles, and grandmas.” Paula Cofman & Rafca Cardoos of To Dine For in Hull. You start with the best of intentions. Remembering the happy times spent in the kitchen with your mom, […]

When the Cows Come Home

Story featured on ediblesouthshore.com Picture this: You are standing in the dairy aisle at a Hingham grocery store, and you make a passing comment about the price of milk. The next thing you know, an affable stranger, overhearing your remark, strikes up a conversation and explains why milk prices are more than fair given all […]

Hornstra Farms: An Update

John Hornstra has been a busy man. A very busy man. As we told you about in the summer 2010 edition of Edible South Shore, three years ago, John purchased property in Norwell with plans of re-establishing a dairy farm right in the heart of the South Shore. This would be an ambitious goal for […]

Change on the Menu

Story featured on ediblesouthshore.com It was not a typical ladies’ night out. Although we discussed some readings, it was not a book group. There was no jewelry for sale and, although there was delicious food, we were not out to dinner celebrating a friend’s birthday. Instead, for eight weeks last spring, I was part of […]

Seeds of Change

What if I told you that, on an idyllic hilltop in Rochester, there is a converted dairy barn where something magical happens? In that barn, a local company grows nutrient-packed vegetables that are delicious both raw and cooked, and even crunch and pop when you eat them. These veggies are a bit of a chameleon: […]

Mind Your Sprouts

Most people are aware of sprouts well-deserved reputation as a health food. Sprouts are high in protein, a good source of vitamins C, A and K and contain a wide range of phytochemicals. But, sprouts also have a more troublesome reputation. In recent years, they have been found to be the culprit in multiple cases […]

Copicut Farms

The past decade has been an exciting time for local food lovers, with an increasing array of foods coming to market. Yet, surprisingly, finding local chicken—that staple of the weeknight dinner table—remained next to impossible. In recent years, demand for humanely-raised chicken has increased as people have become more aware of the terrible conditions that […]