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Southwestern Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes

Yield: Serves 4-6 Before cooking, rinse quinoa in a fine mesh strainer. Quinoa kernels are coated with saponins, naturally occurring compounds that protect the plant against insects. A quick rinse removes this bitter tasting layer. Use organic ingredients whenever possible. Depending on the size of the tomatoes, this will serve between 4-6 people. Ingredients 1 […]

Spicy Butternut Squash and Kale Quesadillas

Yield: Serves 4-6 Often, when planning my weekly menu, I look for foods that can play double duty. Roast a large butternut squash seasoned with cayenne pepper, serving some as a side dish with dinner one night and using the rest the next evening in this delicious main course. Ingredients 2 cups butternut squash, peeled […]

A Taste of Home

Backyard gardens have gained many new devotees in recent years, however, long before it became hip to grow your own food, two South Shore families had already spent decades tending extensive gardens. They not only enjoyed the bounty of their gardens during the season, but through canning and freezing were able to eat much of […]

Web of Life

For those committed to eating locally grown, sustainably raised food, the South Shore and South Coast of Massachusetts are a slice of heaven. Organic farms dot the land and numerous farmers markets connect growers and customers in a fun, festive atmosphere. Hugging our coastline, the Atlantic Ocean teems with fish and, increasingly, sustainably raised animals […]

Making The Leap: Farmers’ Markets to Retail

In the last ten years, farmers’ markets have become beloved fixtures in many communities, providing access to locally-grown and -sourced foods, a vibrant sense of community, and inspiration to improve the way we eat. In recent years, they have become something else—a springboard for business growth, as market vendors venture beyond the farmers’ market and […]

Lobster Tales

…no seafood is more emblematic of the bounty of our coastal waters than the lobster. Farmers of all stripes—from fruit and vegetable growers to those who provide us with beef, pork, and chicken—make eating local a healthful and pleasurable experience. But aren’t we forgetting someone? Despite our proximity to the sea, many of us often […]

Hamming It Up

Story featured on ediblesouthshore.com New homeowners often have big plans for their backyards—a stone patio, a garden, or perhaps a pool. When Amy and Sam Hainer purchased their Norwell home four years ago, they too had big plans for the space out back. But, since their property is bigger than most—five acres to be exact—their […]

The Land of Monks and Honey

For most of us, preparing dinner is part of our daily routine. However, in our scramble to get dinner on the table, it’s easy to forget that the choices we make about food reflect our values in a very tangible way. Glastonbury Abbey, located in Hingham, is home to a community of Benedictine monks who, […]

Young Farmers

Amy Baron greets “Bill” and the kids at Weir River Farm in Hingham, MA. While it was once a common occupation, farming is now considered an unusual career choice. As Amy put it, “it is outside the realm of doctor, lawyer, teacher.”             Help wanted: recent college graduate seeking a […]

Preserving the Harvest

THE BIG CHILL Photos by Tamara Flanagan For even the most committed locavore, the start of winter can bring a sense of trepidation. Root crops, those stalwarts of winter seasonal eating, are undeniably delicious, but by the time spring comes many people are sick of squash, bored with beets, and just plain tired of turnips. […]